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Cardone’s New Book Review

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I am currently reading the book by Grant Cardone called 10X. I really like the book because it brings a few things to the table that not many people talk about.

The first thing is that you can expect to spend about 10 times the amount that you anticipated on building a business in terms of time and finances.

He also talks about making success and ethical issue. He basically says that you can’t leave success to chance. You can’t leave The outcome for something or someone else to decide. Success can never be if this then I’ll be successful. Rather you commit to success on an ethical level and you give it all you got as if your life depended on it.

He says once he made success and ethical issue for himself, it changed everything. He then began to look at his business success as vital for the family. If he did not have success, he was letting down his family and the people around him.

He also talked about making sure that anytime you’re engaged in a project or life itself you take responsibility for everything. He basically says that there are too many people playing the victim out there these days and it’s not until you decide that you will take all the responsibility for your life and what happens in it, that you’ll have success.

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This reminds me of what I have read in the book the secret. They talk about the law of attraction and basically say that you draw or attract everything into your life. Grant is no different. He says that everything is up to you. And you have to live life like everything is up to you. You cannot leave anything to chance or expect that someone else will take the slack or blame for something that you had something to do with. He says that he gets it. You really are responsible for someone rear-ended you. However, he is basically pointing out that you should go ahead and take responsibility for it. Maybe you should a left a little earlier or later.

He says that it’s not until you realize that you are the source of everything that happens in your life, that you can begin to change your destiny.

I like this. I believe that if we take responsibility for everything that is happening around us, then, we are finally in the position to make the things happen that we want to have happen in order to achieve our goals.

I believe it is true that once we understand the potential that we have in any situation, that is, the potential to make changes or to achieve goals, then we start to live a life by design.

When you’re living a life on design things start to change and morph into unexpected results that will blow your mind. Just today, I was talking to somebody at random and then we found out that we have a lot in common in our businesses and we consider that there might be some synergies there. I had no idea that I would have that conversation today.


It is like once you take ownership of everything going on in your life and you’re committed to your success on an ethical level doors open that would not have necessarily opened.

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